¿Apostrofe o apóstrofo?


(Del lat. apostrŏphe, y este del gr. ἀποστροφή).

1. amb. Ret. Figura que consiste en dirigir la palabra con vehemencia en segunda persona a una o varias, presentes o ausentes, vivas o muertas, a seres abstractos o a cosas inanimadas, o en dirigírsela a sí mismo en iguales términos.


(Del gr. ἀπόστροφος).

1. m. Signo ortográfico (') que indica la elisión de una letra o cifra.

¡Sorpresillas, vecinillos! como diría el pusilánime Ned Flanders. Los que pensábamos que apóstrofe era ese signo que separaba la O de Higgins, estábamos más perdidos que Arturo Frei Bolívar.

Resulta que esa coma aérea se llama realmente "apóstrofo" y tiene un significado totalmente distinto a su hermano casi gemelo.

Un apóstrofe es una figura literaria que de diálogo que consiste en la interrupción repentina en un discurso o narración, para interpelar a alguien o algo.

Un ejemplo sencillo es "Estaba yo en la cocina, ¿cierto Juan?, cuando las cosas sucedieron", que aporta el sitio Lengua Castellana, que recopila una serie de figuras literarias con casos prácticos.




No sabía que le llamaban "coma aérea". ¿De qué país eres?


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Project Libra

The big finale of The Libra Design Project (which you can view on TVNZondemand) was beautifully laid out as we entered the TVNZ atrium.

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Before the show started knee length wedding dresses , there were glasses of champagne – and orange juice for us minors – and a lovely selection of nibbles. After mingling, we were seated with probably the best goody bag I have ever encountered, featuring Bling feather earrings, Surf washing powder, a magazine, and dresses for girls , of course, a bag of goodies courtesy of Libra!

After rifling through the goody bag, the lights went on and the show began. Jessie Gurunathan, host of The Libra Design Project, mc’d, looking stunning in a one-shoulder floor length black dress black dress , and red lips, with her hair pulled to the side.

She talked to all the contestants, and then showed some of her personal favourites from throughout the series. Then she brought up Deanna Didovich, princess wedding dresses alfred angelo princess wedding dresses alfred angelo maternity wedding dresses uk maternity wedding dresses uk one of the Ruby designers, and the Tim Gunn of the series. Deanna and Jessie talked to Kerry Trent Ranginui Plus size wedding dresses Plus size wedding dresses, the winner of the Libra Design Challenge. He said his inspiration for his winning collection was James Bond meets underwear as outerwear. This was certainly true when the show began.

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His first look was a luxurious fur-trimmed black wool cape, a perfect way to keep cozy but also stay stunning.

The second garment was a corset-style nude and cheap prom dresses 2010 cheap prom dresses 2010

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The third look was a gorgeous pink trench coat with his signature corset-style feminine dress beneath.

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Next up was a white leather and wool biker jacket, reminiscent of Anne Hathaway’s in Get Smart, over a velvet draped dress .

This was followed by our personal favourite best prom dresses 2011 , a black lace dress black lace dress with a nude corset, a black and white plaid shirt topped by a wool cardie – an odd combo that worked nonetheless. Second-to-last was a camel jersey dress with black paneling and a sleeveless nude overcoat. The collection ended with a black wool trench coat with fur trim. It was an array of coherent, well-tailored and beautiful pieces.

After the filming was over, there were more nibbles, and we got to take some pictures of the models and designers – and then we met the man behind the magic, Kerry himself! He was extremely nice and discussed his collection with us. After a picture with him, it was time to go – with our enormous goody bags of course!

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By Bella Hannah and Louise Yates
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Wholesale full ball gown flirt Prom Dresses for Less. Choose from a dazzling colors variety of long prom dresses, full ball gown prom dresses, flirt prom dresses, pageant dresses and more.

rolex daytona watches for sale rolex daytona watches for sale I saw a friend of mine at a coffee shop and he introduced me to his wife. He explained to her I was a foot surgeon . She launched into a tale of nightmare shoe shopping episodes, of pain with every new pair, and thinking that each would make her bunions gets worse. Then she asked, over the knee boots Do shoes cause bunions?

As a foot surgeon high heels , this is one of the most frequent questions I get. The fact is shoes do not cause bunions ; genetics cause bunions. If you have bunions you likely inherited them from your mother, father or grandparents. If you take a close look at the feet at a family gathering you can likely figure out who gifted you with the genes that led to your bunions.

Now, having said that shoes don t cause bunions, let me clarify by saying that shoes can (and often do) make them much worse. Wearing shoes with high heels can significantly increase the stress on the big toe joint. All of that increased stress can lead to instability in the joints of the mid-foot that actually accelerates the speed with which a bunion forms.

So although it might have taken 40 or 50 years to develop a bunion wearing flat shoes, the same person may develop bunions 10 to 20 years earlier just because of the extra strain caused by high-heeled shoes. Even if the shoes don t have a gigantic heel, christian louboutin discount prices christian louboutin discount prices the shape of the shoe itself can also contribute to the early formation of a bunion. For example, brown leather booties brown leather booties c ramped pointy toe shoes can push the big toe into a position that does contribute to the development of a bunion.

In addition, tight shoes and those with a seam that runs right over the bump (bursa) can make the bunion much more painful and irritated. Often times, tight shoes will cause bursitis (irritation of the bursa) or inflammation of the big toe joint. When this happens the bunion can become red, tender and inflamed.

The obvious solution to this is to avoid shoes that are likely to either cause bunions by increase the amount of stress on the big toe joint. This means wear sensible shoes. Shop for shoes that have only a moderate heel; two inches or less. Use common sense.

If you have a function to attend such as a wedding, red bottom shoes formal ball or charity event, it is unlikely that one night in pretty shoes will do any long-term harm. Just don t wear stilettos every day. Also make sure that you avoid shoes with seams or stitching that will press or rub on the big toe joint further irritating the bunion.

So what is the bottom line on shoes and bunions? Well, have fun discount christian louboutin evening discount christian louboutin evening, shop for shoes, red soled shoes shoes with red soles shoes with red soles dress up when you need to be don t go overboard on the high heels high heels or pointy shoes. Even though you might not be able to do much about the genes that you inherited, you don t necessarily have to end up with painful bunions.

Dr. Christopher Segler is an award winning foot and ankle surgeon with a podiatry practice in Chattanooga. He is the inventor of a patented surgical instrument designed to simplify bunion surgery and flatfoot surgery. He publishes articles teaching other surgeons about his techniques and how to decrease pain after foot surgery. You can order a FREE copy of his informative book about common causes of foot pain at http://www.anklecenter.com.

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Wir bieten schöne Brautjungfernkleider, braun brautkleider, jägergrün brautkleider, brautkleid champagner, brautkleid bordeaux zu günstige Preisen online. Custom brautjungfernkleider design nach dem Foto. So einfach finden Sie Ihr Traum Brautjungfernkleider.

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Design Tween clothes

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Jessica Simpson and her younger sister, Ashlee have decided to join forces in the fashion industry to create new Tween line.

Both Jessica and Ashlee are popular singers and it was about time that the “southern belles” would take a step together in fashion design.  Jessica, who already started her own clothing line, Jessica Simpson Collection, cocktail length dress cocktail length dress has asked her sister to join the creative team. I'm excited to bring my sister, Ashlee, wholesale prom dresses wholesale prom dresses along as co-creative director of this division, because she brings a savvy rocker edge that defines today's tweens.
Jessica believes that it is a natural step for her fashion brand – to extend the collection. “Creating a tween apparel collection was a natural extension for the brand”. Ashlee Simpson will bring her own original touch to the line that will hit the stores at the end of the summer – beginning of the fall. Teenagers and young people will be able to choose from sportswear beach wedding dress chiffon , activewear and denim. The line could be described as “girly and playful” inspired by the sister’s own personality. The collection will include fabulous knit tops, graphic T-shirts, hoodies and pullovers, shrunken knits, drawstring pants, sports shoes and outerwear.
Ashlee, 26, is very excited about the idea of being part of the fashion world. “My goal as co-creative director will be to design clothes that will help inspire young girls to express their personalities and creativity through fashion". This will guarantee that the clothes will be anything but boring and the color palette will be abundant.

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Jessica’s fashion business is turning, slowly but surely into a real empire, as it is now estimated at about 1 billion dollars. The collection includes shoes and boots, handbags, jeanswear, coats flower girl dresses pink cheap mermaid wedding gowns cheap mermaid wedding gowns church wedding dresses , dresses , sunglasses, swimwear, accessories, fragrance and luggage. The prices are all accessible and there is always a special offer on ordering.

Jessica’s first step in fashion industry was in 2004, when she and Randi Shinder have launched “ corset evening gown corset evening gown;Jessica Simpson Dessert by Jessica Simpson”. Before that, the co-founders have already launched a cosmetic line which included an edible perfume and lip gloss. After the clothing line, the business expanded by adding fragrances, shoes and all the other products you can find on the official website of the collection.

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is a footwear designer from France famous for his brand of high-end women's shoes launched in 1991.

christian louboutin flat shoes You desire bright Christian Louboutin boots. christian louboutin short boots . christian louboutin short boots we certain which you will really feel satisfied with all. christian louboutin shoe shop shoes with red soles Newest styles, All shoes brand new come with original box, shoes bag and tissue paper christian louboutin new simple pump 90 . christian louboutin new simple pump 90 christian louboutin pump . christian louboutin pump.They are sexy shoes with red bottoms . shoes with red bottoms christian louboutin fashion , gorgeous and enjoyable. christian louboutin classic christian louboutin classic black pumps Now, It is possible to get the fashion shoes here.

You may be simple to find some Ugg boots produced associated with fleece protector in our on-line store. Appreciate the walking inside snowy winter months. Our online store adhere to the principle of "customer and service foremost and quality and time shipment first". Order the uggs shoes now! Buy low cost Uggs Classic Boots on the internet from us.

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Besides jewelry, strapless bridal gowns a small garments as well as alternative ornaments of a wedding. Strapless marriage have been really renouned today wedding jackets for the bride wedding jackets for the bride, dresses dresses for mom of a bride, as well as we regularly see a bride wearing a pleasing robe. Capelet is valuables for marriage dresses. In addition, a deceive is an critical marriage taste marriage dress. The brides demeanour so puzzling as well as pleasing when it grown a veil.

The many usual marriage dresses as well as normal is a elaborate jewel. Women lend towards to collect up a small little gem of magnificence as well as brightness, necklace or earrings plus size wedding , according to their marriage gowns. The wealth have been essentially minister to a beauty. That will be some-more beauty as well as nobility. However mermaid bridesmaid dress evening gowns cocktail dresses evening gowns cocktail dresses, bridal jacket bridal jacket we know which a small valuables might not be suitable to wear. Instead of adding points to your marriage dress, will revoke a points. For example, wedding gowns australia wedding gowns australia blue bridesmaid dresses a line marriage dresses should be a elementary necklace as well as normal dance dresses marriage skirt should have a good necklace as well as vintage. The same goes for a earrings. My idea is which we should name a most appropriate to wear your valuables whilst marriage dress. So we can see if a valuables should compare with skirt or not. When it comes to marriage dresses, women generally for those who alone can not assistance forgetful of her marriage day. They have been so fervent to pleasing marriage dresses. Yes, marriage dresses have been so pleasing as well as bright, though we can not disremember a single critical thing, a emblem of marriage dresses. There have been a series of ornaments we can supplement a indicate to you, however, a opposite marriage dresses marriage contingency include of opposite ornaments. Now let’s speak about these extraordinary decorations.

You can name a extraordinary skirt for her wedding.

There are no posts related to dresses for mother of the bride dresses for mother of the bride .

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Sleeves are a simple way to make a wedding gown modest. In many cases, prom dress cocktail prom dress cocktail a three-quarter sleeve will be appropriate (check with your officiant if in doubt) and more comfortable than a long sleeve winter cocktail dresses winter cocktail dresses. wedding dresses winter wedding dresses winter prom dress catalogue winter wedding gown short ivory cocktail dresses There is a lovely three-quarter sleeve wedding gown in the Adele Wechsler Eco Couture collection which features feminine tone on tone floral accents. Also Sleeves are very important on thewedding gowns uk confirms modesty american apparel dresses . long evening dresses 2011 long evening dresses 2011 You can improve the neckline of the dress or even add long sleeves. wedding rings indianapolis Companies that will make their very own clothing will be more fun to make these remodeling for the gowns cocktail dresses x . You can ask the company to create the dress in something that you prefer when it comes to the color and

Your future wedding dresses beautiful - the main purpose for your pleasure, anticipation plus a pleasant hassel of preparing for that wedding. And getting a marriage ceremony gown - is not an normal buy, and practically a spiritual rite.

Another important step to consider and be ready for any wedding is the wedding dress. type chosen wedding gown the bride has to do their best features stand out and be really fit your body type.

The hour glass type of marriage Dressesoften Sizes include a custom size tall, thin, half-full. Civil and can easily be decorated with embroidery or complete. This type of wedding attire is perfect for a girlfriend with big breasts, narrow waist and hips than usual and shows her sensual curves.

Types and shapes of wedding dresses

Another important step to consider and be ready for any wedding is the wedding dress wedding dress .  royal blue cocktail dresses ; type chosen wedding gown the bride has to do their best features stand out and be really fit your body type.

The hour glass type of marriage Dressesoften Sizes include a custom size tall, thin, wedding dress sample sale ny wedding dress sample sale ny half-full.  Civil and can easily be decorated with embroidery or complete.  This type of wedding attire is perfect for a girlfriend with big breasts, cheap flower girl dresses canada narrow waist and hips than usual and shows her sensual curves.

A very classic design is cutting a line of clothing.  As the name suggests mother of the bride dresses atlanta ga mother of the bride dresses atlanta ga, sees the dress as “A” to the letter.  The summit is often high, the size and the skirt is the board I made rocket.  This dress design is known to fit a bride whose face is bigger in the hips and waist.

A mermaid wedding dress as something that looks like the mermaid tail for some.  Provides the function of sealing the top that extends the knee.  The Fishtail wedding dress is a variation of the mermaid dress well, but often with a rear axle.  I expected a small wedding on a small stand and is recommended for this style of dress.  women and small numbers may seem high, and the design will look to identify the general line.

The designer wedding dress dress well, including a hem that usually stops just above the knees.  Simple materials are mainly used to make this dress lace wedding style that is designed to compare the shape of a sexy woman without too much detail.  It really is an excellent style of clothing that makes a strong point on the long legs and slim hips.

The dress empire waist, a centuries-old design, very expensive, seems to be well placed in the line of slope than other organs fell right.  This style of wedding dress is ideal for small busts and hips slightly wives perfect.  An illusion of larger breasts carried by the line in the plot, ivory chiffon flower girl dresses and also the number of fantasy to have a thin figure.

Court looks like a right column or evening gown is white, but unlike the usual black.  clearance prom dresses ; Most brides find that comfortable to wear this style of dress and how it could be something they’ cheap bridal dresses online cheap bridal dresses onlinere gone now.  Clothing tie and therefore no potholes or bumps may be visible if the dress is thin and soft cloth.  The figures that brides with this dress can use nice, especially at a wedding is very informal.

gathered skirt is the one with creases and folds at the waist or your hip or the point where the skirt meets the bodice.  This short dress is presented as the dresses worn by princesses of fairy tales.  Tall, simple wedding dresses simple wedding dresses slender brides imagined to do justice for this type of wedding dress and a desire to improve their hips and can seem a little less of the absolute volume of the skirt.

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Bride features beautiful wedding dress galleries, hundreds of real wedding stories and stunning wedding photography. Plan your perfect wedding here.

History of wedding dresses wedding dresses with trains dates back to 1499, when King of France Louis XII married with the Bretagne girl Annie. Traditional wedding dresses were usually made to be white. This convention can trace back to the Queen of England Victoria’s wedding in 1840. She wore a white wedding gown, on which the train is 18 feet long (about 549 centimeters). Official photographs were widely published and so many brides looked forward to wearing wedding gowns with trains like hers. This tradition lasts till now. And the length of train becomes a symbol for the newlywed’ trendy plus size dresses trendy plus size dresses homecoming dresses 2012 cocktail evening dress cocktail evening dress;s richness. Princess of England Diana married in 1980 designer dresses , wearing a wedding dress on which the train was 480 feet long (about 14630 centimeters). Brides-to-be, begin to hunt for your really needed wedding dress with train now. It will fully flatter your charm!

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Floor-length Wedding dresses with Train Symbolizes Eternal Love

Wearing a long wedding dress wedding dress with train and marching down the church aisle towards the Mr. Right should be a dream expected by each girl. It’s stated that your love will last forever if well keeping the bridal dress with train, which stands for an evergreen marriage. In the near future, when your daughter wears this wedding gown, love will last till the end of time.

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Floral Collection

Blooming flowers should be the best items to express brides’ sweet and beatific smile. Being used on wedding dresses , they greatly accent brides’ charming, graceful and sweet temperament. Floral collection from Anovia is exactly designed on the basis of stereo flowers. Lightsome fabrics like silk, satin and chiffon are used, making dresses flowing and dreamlike. Layered pattern formal fall dresses , such as rolling the dress dress to look like blooming flowers, enhances the tridimensional sense and lets brides seem more feminine and charming. Besides, the chapel train greatly boosts the gorgeous sense on this wedding gown. Elegance and grace are fully flattered.

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Timeless Collection

Many brides yearn for magnificent wedding ceremonies that are held in a consecrate church. Thus, when it comes to choosing the wedding dress , they will look forward to choose some elegant styles to match with the solemn atmosphere in cathedrals. In any era, wedding dresses with trains are the best choices for church wedding. The newest timeless collection from Anovia adopts longer trains. The longest style reaches to 7 feet, best fitting an ornate and stately church wedding. Romantic and exquisite lace, fine gauze and satin make each breath the bride takes more graceful. Besides, most trains in timeless collection can be shortened or detachable, which enables brides to adjust the length of their wedding dresses according to different wedding themes. Since it’s so convenient quinceanera dresses yellow quinceanera dresses yellow, cheap plus size dresses for juniors girls who love different appearances find the long-awaited choices here.

Like previous royal or princess wedding dresses, wedding dresses with trains are god-given gifts to make each girl show her best on her big day.

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